Why Kate?

I offer a rare combination of five years classroom experience and three years reading specialist experience, which means I have an in-depth knowledge of classroom management, professional development, curriculum, assessment, and data-driven instruction.  I aim to obtain a teaching position in a progressive elementary school where I have the opportunity to share my creative, energetic style.

  • Works with teachers to meet the needs of each learner
  • Observes struggling learners and develops individualized plans to meet their needs
  • Assesses and maintains students data to track growth
  • Conducts meetings with teachers and parents to communicate progress
  • Collaborates in curriculum development and planning
  • Serves on the 2nd and 4th grade Professional Learning Team
  • Develops lesson plans and instructional materials
  • Provides individualized and small group instruction
  • Uses a variety of instructional strategies
  • Uses technology for various purposes
  • Establishes a positive learning environment
  • Maintains professional excellence through in-service education activities and on-going professional development
  • Possesses comfort in any school setting
  • Holds to the highest standards of professionalism, collegiality, and personal conduct
  • Meets deadlines, is punctual and reliable

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